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  • «Questioning and coaching to help you find the answers in you » Coaching by Laura Calabrese
  • « Knowing what we dont want is the best way to dream your life, knowing what you want is the royal road to live your dreams. » Coaching by Laura Calabrese
  • « A step back against your pressure, changes and… your own convictions » Coaching by Laura Calabrese

Laura Calabrese - CH-2000 Neuchâtel - Coach and Therapist -Tel +4179 364 88 90 -E-mail contact@laura-calabrese.com


The Individual at the Center of your Company

Laura has developed an innovative training program to enable companies to emphasize their focus on individuals and increase their consciousness of how to better work together. Your employees are not only colleagues but individuals and they stay what they are both at the workplace and in their private life. With their emotions fears and angers, they have a need of wellness with themselves first and then with others. If you increase their wellness, your clients will be impacted as well.

Once they will be presented with very simple, pragmatic and percussive principles, your employees will have the opportunities to practice together and apply those through role play and exercises during a one day training (6 hours). In parallel, a mailbox will be at their disposal during some weeks to enable them to share their experience and answer their questions. A supervision session with your managers as well as individual coaching sessions can be organised to deepen this theme and optimise its implementation in your Company.

Priority Management

This theme is crucial in our everyday life.

Thanks to a very pragmatic approach which enables you to step back on your daily activities, you will own very simple and concrete tools to stop being submerged by the flood of activities you have to perform every single day.

This training can be organised for a group or individually.

Work /Life Balance

Step back and analyse how you manage this balance today. By a simple and pragmatic approach, settle priorities differently and personally so to reach a new balance.

This training can be organised for a group or individually.

Interpersonal Communication

Realise what is your personal impact on the others. By simple and concrete tools, with role play for a direct practice, go for a new way to interact with your colleagues and your relatives.

This training can be organised for a group or individually.

Custom Made Approach


According to your current needs, we plan together the best thematic approach so to work on the difficulties met by a team or a manager in your Company.

Thanks to a tailor-made approach and a confidential and professional support, Laura can help you in many situation such as helping grow leaders who embodies new roles within a challenging environment or coaching new born managers as they start managing others. She is also specialized in performance, talent management, crisis, conflict and multicultural management.

Interested by one or more of this trainings? Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone : 079 364 88 90 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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