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  • « A step back against your pressure, changes and… your own convictions » Coaching by Laura Calabrese
  • « Knowing what we dont want is the best way to dream your life, knowing what you want is the royal road to live your dreams. » Coaching by Laura Calabrese
  • «Questioning and coaching to help you find the answers in you » Coaching by Laura Calabrese

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Life Coaching

By the same results oriented process as in professional coaching, life coaching helps us by bringing a different light and a necessary step back to a better knowledge, self-confidence and a better management of your own emotions.

1. Examples of situations

  • Increase your self-confidence (at your workplace, in your private life, to win clients…)
  • Find more time to take care of yourself in an already very professional and family life
  • Better management of your priorities
  • Think of new professional options
  • Find a new self esteem
  • Work on your personal development
  • For Children or teenagers: work on their concentration, development and motivation
  • For couples: find again your private space, your private balance in being two

2. The coachin session

    The session is like a discussion during which, through questionning, you will be able to step back on your own situation and look at your own attitudes and emotions differently. Then, you will be the one to decide what actions you will take to go forward and change.

3. Duration and price

    A session lasts 1h30. Duration will depend on the result to be reached, but generally will last between 3 and 6 sessions every 3-4 weeks. The price per session is at 150.- and is to be paid cash.
Laura Calabrese
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