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  • «Questioning and coaching to help you find the answers in you » Coaching by Laura Calabrese
  • « Knowing what we dont want is the best way to dream your life, knowing what you want is the royal road to live your dreams. » Coaching by Laura Calabrese
  • « A step back against your pressure, changes and… your own convictions » Coaching by Laura Calabrese

Laura Calabrese - CH-2000 Neuchâtel - Coach and Therapist -Tel +4179 364 88 90 -E-mail contact@laura-calabrese.com



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" Vous êtes les bienvenus à laisser et partager ici vos témoignages de notre collaboration "

Joanne: Thank you

I had one professional coaching with Laura. She was really helpful in guiding me and helping in finding some answers that I really needed in advancing in my career. Instead of telling me how I should proceed or do, she did a brainstorming session with me and let me decide (while guiding me) the best way to approach the situation myself.

After the professional coaching, I had the opportunity to have three sessions of energy coaching with Laura and it was exactly what I needed to live a life of happiness, abundance and trust. She truly helped me in discovering the power I have within myself and through her, I learned to love myself. It was a wonderful journey and I cannot thank her enough for helping me to find my true self again.

Thank you, Laura for introducing the "Power of Intention" by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This little book was what I needed to open the door to my healing and my life. "Don't die with the music still in you" - Dr. Wayne Dyer