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  • « Knowing what we dont want is the best way to dream your life, knowing what you want is the royal road to live your dreams. » Coaching by Laura Calabrese
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  • «Questioning and coaching to help you find the answers in you » Coaching by Laura Calabrese

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Business Coaching

A first meeting is organised to identify and define the expectations both of the person being coached (the Coachee) and those from the prescriber (the Company). This meeting is not invoiced.An agreement will settle the different conditions of the coaching mission which is agreed between the Company, the Coachee and the Business Coach. It is intended to precisely define the following elements:

  1. Expected results / goals to achieve
  2. Intermediate evaluations and success indicators
  3. Coaching duration/ sessions duration
  4. Communications means and process development
    (confidentiality between the third parties)
  5. Budget and payment conditions

1. Some examples of missions

Strengths and improvements areas identification and analysis, clear goals definition, strategy implementation and action plan for an optimal involvement.

Step back from the ground, long term vision capacity, personal impact in general and specific goals realisation

Find back personal milestones and marks after a trouble or heavy pressure.

Explore and define new paths and new professional goals.

Personal development
Develop new competencies and knowledge and optimise one’s adaptation.

2. Intermediate Evaluations and success indicators

Once the mission objectives settled, meetings are organised between the third parties at the middle and at the end of the mission to evaluate the progress made.
The Coachee is responsible for the results from the coaching and will define them personally with the client.
If the Coachee feels he is not enough supported by the coach or if the coach is convinced he cannot pursue the mission, the coaching may be interrupted at any time. In any cases, the subject is discussed during a closing session.

3. Coaching duration and sessions frequency

Sessions last between 1 to 3 hours (generally 1h30). At the first coaching session, the frequency and rhythm of sessions will be agreed and a more precise and adapted evaluation of the situation will be made.
We generally expect to do 3 to 5 meetings every 3-4 weeks. If during the mission, supplementary needs or new developments arise, they will be discussed and agreed beforehand between the different parties.

4. Means of communication

Basic conditions from the mission as well as the roles from the different parties (coach, Coachee, the manager or in some cases the human resources) are clearly defined in a document named « Coaching mission and parties involvement».
Content from the discussions between the Coachee and the coach will always remain strictly confidential. It is only the Coachee who will decide if something should be made official. The Coachee can ask the coach to do so.

5. Budget and payment conditions

Fees for this kind of mission are fixed at an hourly rate of:
250. - CHF/hour (or max CHF 300. - per session).
This amount is not including travel expenses (0.70 cts /Km), board, meals or room reservation. It does not include as well the preparation time to invest before and after the sessions (circa 30 minutes).
Upon request from the Company, a package offer including all services can be established.
Coaching sessions are generally organised in a neutral place, outside the work context except if agreed differently from the beginning. It may take place by the coach or in any other neutral and calm place elsewhere.