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  • « Knowing what we dont want is the best way to dream your life, knowing what you want is the royal road to live your dreams. » Coaching by Laura Calabrese

Laura Calabrese - CH-2000 Neuchâtel - Coach and Therapist -Tel +4179 364 88 90 -E-mail contact@laura-calabrese.com


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French, English, Italian


University degree in journalism, brevet federal in Human Resources, coach certification


Holding a University degree in Journalism, an HR Brevet fédéral and a coach certification, Laura is an experienced Business Partner in national and multinational environments with deep knowledge of Human Resources concepts. She has more than 12 years of experience in an HR multinational Company, applying HR tools and training for their Swiss colleagues.

In 2014, she starts her own business, giving advice to individuals and companies. She is specialized in managing emotions, step back on attitudes and implement a change on these. Thanks to a custom made approach and a very confidential support, Laura can help you in several situations with your colleagues, such as improving communication with colleagues, taking awareness on own impact on the team and a better management of own priorities.

Laura has developed a particular approach to understand and help people to better manage their emotions and drive them to a better knowledge and self-confidence.

Laura is also an adult trainer by several training organisations such as:

      • Training for managers
      • HR Training (certificat pour assistant/e en gestion du personnel)

Competencies & Skills

  • Be a trustworthy and strong partner with a structured approach in coaching and advice
  • Have strong management skills and transfer them
  • Outspoken, focused and open minded with a dynamic style